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Applied Chemometrics is a comprehensive resource for chemometrics software, training, consulting and support. 

Software  It is important to choose chemometrics software which is both appropriate to your requirements and compatible with your personal style. No single package is right for everybody. That is why we sell and support a number of different software packages, spanning the range from command-line to completely menu-driven. We know these packages very well, and we have the experience to guide you to the right software the first time. Our products include:

- Chemometrics Toolbox for MATLAB
- Factor Analysis Toolbox for MATLAB
- Galactic Grams
- Multi-Quant for Windows and other platforms
- Multi-Qual for Windows and other platforms
- Camo Unscrambler
- Camo Unscrambler On-line Predictor
- Infometrix Pirouette
- Infometrix Ein*Sight
- Infometrix InStep
  and more!

Short Courses and Training 
Applied Chemometrics offers a variety of short courses on chemometrics and related topics. Many of these courses are presented at conferences throughout the year. All short courses are available for delivery on-site at your location. We are pleased to tailor our training to your needs. In many cases short courses can be combined with a mentoring program to help you develop the skills of your people and quickly reach the point of self-sufficiency. 

Applied Chemometrics has assembled an experienced team of consultants who can help you find timely, cost-effective, reliable solutions to your needs

Recommended Reading 
As the field matures, more and more books have been published on chemometrics and statistics. We have carefully selected  some of the best of these which we keep in stock for your convenience.

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