Analytical Data Analysis by Statistical Methods

Statistical techniques are powerful tools in the analytical laboratory. This course covers the statistical techniques that are routinely useful in the analytical laboratory. The mathematics involved will be presented in a concise manner which is easily understood by anyone with a background in science. Basic principles will be discussed in the context of analytical laboratory applications.

What You Will Learn
Understand how to apply the simple statistical analyses which can guide experimentation, identify sources of experimental error, and minimize lengthy calculations. Learn how these techniques can make your laboratory more efficient and improve the accuracy of data collection and analysis.

Who Should Attend
Anyone responsible for the supervision, operation, or management of an analytical laboratory. Anyone working in an analytical laboratory.

Precision and accuracy of calculations
Data reduction and evaluation
Calibration curves
Relationships among variables
Data comparison techniques
Basic experimental design

Dr. Zanaida Otero-Keil is Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at Rowan College of New Jersey and is also an experienced engineering consultant. Dr. Otero-Keil's research focuses on optimization, development, and mathematical modeling of chemical processes and laboratory techniques. She is widely recognized for her ability to teach these topics in a clear, understandable way, and with down-to-earth practicality. She received her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Delaware and is a registered Professional Engineer in Delaware.

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