Process Analytical Technologies

The FDA initiative on Process Analytical Technologies (PAT Initiative) is intended to foster improvements in manufacturing efficiency and product quality by encouraging the application of advanced analytical technologies.

Although the PAT initiative is relative recent, we have already been assisting pharmaceutical companies with the deployment of advanced analyzers for many years. Our senior experts are highly experienced in integrating advanced analyzers and chemometrics techniques in the demanding and strictly regulated areas of pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing and quality control.

Ask us how we can help you exploit real-time PAT measurement and control to improve quality and reduce costs in applications such as:

- blending
- granulation
- drying
- tabletting
- coating

and to measure parameters such as

- moisture
- hardness
- density
- impurities
- polymorphism
- crystallinity
  and more!

Our senior experts can help you develop better ways to validate raw material, in-process, and release methods per FDA, USP, and ICH guidelines.

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